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How does it all work?

The World Wide Web (WWW)
Probably the most frequently used features of the Internet are the World Wide Web (WWW) and Email.  Let's start with the Web.  The WWW is simply just a very large network.  Web Servers around the world are all linked together to make up the global network known as the Internet.

Search Engines
When you dial up to RTI's Server you become a part of this vast infrastructure often called the Information Superhighway.  Since there are so many different servers, search engines are needed keep a catalog of all the information.  You tell a search engine what you're trying to find and it will reply with a list of links to servers that have what you're looking for.

Email is carried over the same network.  When you create an email message and click send the message first travels to RTI's mail server.  It is then sent to the users inbox at the destination server and waits there for the user to pick it up.  Depending on network traffic and server loads the transfer might take a few minutes.  If the user doesn't exist or you accidentally typed the Email address in wrong your message will bounce back and you will get an "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" reply stating the "reason" that it bounced back to you.

Now you know.  For more information visit RTI's Internet page.


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