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Strata DK424i Features

  • Cost-effective VoIP Applications
    Toshiba Strata DK424i telephone systems integrate with voice over IP telephony gateway products that provide service enhancing and cost effective voice over IP applications for customers with multiple offices.  You benefit from much greater call center effectiveness, improved customer service, and office to office toll bypass calling that produces substantial cost savings.
  • Toll Bypass
    Voice and fax traffic between a main office and branch office, normally routed through the public switched telephone toll network, is instead carried via the Internet or a private intranet.  Cost savings result from eliminating long distance toll charges between these locations, especially for international calls.
  • IP Call Center
    One of the major expenses of a call center is the cost of incoming 800 lines.  The VoIP telephony gateway solutions can produce substantial savings by increasing incoming local calls and reducing incoming calls on 800 lines.  Local point of presence (POP) locations can be set up so geographically dispersed customers dial a local access number, access the gateway, and route these calls via a private IP network and/or the public Internet to the call center instead of dialing a central 800 number.  This makes these incoming calls local calls for customers and avoids 800 toll charges for these calls to the call center.
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
    Strata DK systems are compatible with all TAPI compliant PC software packages, providing a vast and growing number of applications.
  • Data Switching
    This cost-saving feature permits your PC and your telephone to simultaneously share existing wiring for voice and data calls, reducing the cost of additional interoffice networks and extra wiring.
  • Caller ID Applications
    Can display the name, telephone number, and even customer profile (with CTI applications) of who is calling you, to enhance productivity and customer service.


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