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Repartee VP combines voice mail, automated attendant, audiotext, and fax detect, route, and notify into a completely integrated business solution that will help you communicate more effectively with the people who matter most for your businessóyour customers and your fellow employees.  Repartee VP comes with all the essential components you expect from a top-of-the-line voice messaging system, but it wonít break your budget. With Repartee VP, you get a system that is the right size for your organization and has all the voice messaging features found on bigger, more expensive products.

Repartee VP stands apart from the competition because it is truly the foundation upon which you can build your organizationís communications solution. Repartee VP gives you a 2 or 4-port system that has the capacity you need right now and offers the assurance that when your business expands, Repartee VP can keep pace with your needs.  Repartee VP is designed to be easily upgradeable to the larger Repartee CTI system. No need to buy a new voice processing system when your needs change. Moving to Repartee CTI is just a telephone call away.  Does success for your business mean a heavier volume of message traffic?  Upgrade to Repartee CTI and you can grow up to 60 ports, giving you the size thatís right for your company.  Do you need more storage capacity for messages?  Upgrade to Repartee CTI and you can grow to more than 500 hours of storage. (To review 500 hours of stored messages, youíd have to listen nonstop for almost a month.)

VOICE MAIL Repartee VPís advanced voice mail features can save your organization time and money and help improve your customer service by eliminating telephone tag, incomplete handwritten messages, missed calls, and excessive toll charges. Callers can leave detailed messages at any time of the day or nightóeven after business hours. And all messages are personal and confidential.  Repartee VPís powerful subscriber-to-subscriber features also allow you to leave messages for fellow employees, send out a single message to a group of employees, and redirect messages to others on the system.

AUTOMATED ATTENDANT Repartee VPís automated attendant greets your customers professionally and courteously, leaving them with a positive impression about your organization. By guiding callers through the system in a friendly and timely fashion, Repartee VPís automated attendant makes the messaging process as effortless as possible. It can answer incoming calls, deliver callers to the proper extension, transfer calls, take messages, or call an alternate party.  And of course, Repartee VP always gives the caller the option to press a touchtone at any time during the conversation to speak to an operator.

AUDIOTEXT Organizations in every type of market use Repartee VPís audiotext capabilities to set up 24-hour customer information lines.  Retailers, banks, and other companies can use it to deliver timely information about their products and services, while nonprofit organizations such as libraries, schools, and government agencies can use it to help fulfill public needs while reducing costs. Repartee VP lets you record prompts remotely, so information can be updated easily.

FAXING Repartee VP also has the ability to detect, route, and notify you about faxes. If Repartee VP hears a fax tone when it answers a call, it automatically transfers the call to the fax machine, eliminating the need for a separate fax number and a costly dedicated outside line.

Optional Packages for Repartee systems.

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