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Repartee CTI combines voice mail, automated attendant, audiotext, and fax detect, route, and notify into a completely integrated business solution that will help you communicate more effectively with the people who matter most to your business—your customers and your fellow employees. Repartee CTI comes with all the essential features you expect from a top-of-the-line voice messaging system.  Repartee's 1 for Yes, 2 for No® conversational interface gives first-time users and callers all the advantages of Repartee CTI’s advanced features right away.  Anyone can access the voice messaging features they need by simply pressing "1" for "yes" and "2" for "no" in response to Repartee CTI’s questions.  At the same time, experienced users can opt for the powerful menu interface for immediate access to the features they’ve become familiar with and use everyday.  Repartee CTI organizes your messages the way you’d expect from a personal assistant.  It gives you your urgent messages first and, when it can identify the caller, plays all the messages from the same caller together.  Repartee CTI offers you flexible message delivery and retrieval.  The system will call you—in another office, at home, in your car, on your cell phone—in up to four places in the order and at the interval you specify until it finds you.

Repartee CTI can grow incrementally from 4 to 96 ports to give you the size that's right for your business.  Do you need more storage capacity for messages?  With Repartee CTI, you can expand to more than 1400 hours of storage (to review 1400 hours of stored messages, you'd have to listen nonstop for almost three months).  Is your company adding new employees?  Repartee CTI gives you up to 65,000 voice mail boxes.  Also, Repartee is built to run on standard PC-based components so innovations in computer technology providing new features and functions that can be easily added to existing systems.

Optional packages for Repartee systems.

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