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Hospitality lets hotels and motels provide complete guest messaging and information services for their clientele without putting an extra burden on their staff. Guest mailboxes, information lines, customizable greetings, guest-controlled wake-up calls, and multilingual guest and caller conversations are just a few of the features that give you a competitive advantage and a reputation for superb service.  When your business opens additional offices across town or across the country, you need communications between personnel to be more efficient, not less.

ActiveNet connects remote Repartee systems so they operate just like a single, large voice processing system.  Streamlining your fax distribution procedures can save hundreds of hours and, ultimately, thousands of dollars.

Active Fax gives you the ability to store incoming faxes electronically and route an incoming fax to the nearest fax machine anywhere in the world using a touchtone telephone.  Distribution of the fax is as close as your nearest touchtone telephone.  Active Fax also comes with a fax-on-demand option, which lets outside callers retrieve documents from a fax library by simply pressing touchtones. Your customers can quickly and effortlessly retrieve the information they need, and your staff will not have to spend unnecessary time sending individual faxes from a fax machine upon request.  Repartee helps businesses make the most of international opportunities by facilitating multilingual communications.

Multilingual conversation packages are available with Repartee, and greetings and prompts can be recorded in any language so users and callers can select the language of their choice. With Repartee, any size company can enjoy multilingual messaging capabilities.

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