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Superset attached to a PC with Mitel TAPIMitel Communications Systems are helping businesses develop and launch next-generation IP telephony applications.  Intelligent messaging systems, remote access products, call center solutions, and natural speech recognition technologies are all geared toward delivering business advantages by combining innovation, performance and reliability.

Mitel SX-50 (16-100 phones)
A compact digital PBX business telephone system designed for small and medium-sized organizations that demand large system functionality at an affordable price.
Some features include:
 - Quick, easy conference call set-up
 - Integrated Voice Mail with support for message indicator on Superset phones
 - If an extension or all outgoing lines are busy, the user can be automatically
   notified when the extension or a line is available.
 - Users and the attendant can access up to 900 system wide pre-programmed
   directory numbers

Mitel SX-200 ML (20-150 phones) and SX-200 EL (20-350 phones)
The SX-200 PBX telephone system is a modular, flexible solution that answers the diverse and growing communications needs of medium and smaller businesses today.  It provides a platform that will support new and emerging converged voice and data applications for many years to come.
Some features include:
 - Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) including priority answering, timed and predictive
   overflow control
 - Integrated Automated Attendant/Messaging
 - Centralized Voice Mail
 - Multiple Music On Hold Sources
 - Able to take advantage of advanced networking services such as T1
 - The SX-200 ML evolves to the SX-200 EL

Mitel SX-2000 Micro Light (20-1200 phones)
The SX-2000 Micro Light combines all the features of the SX-2000 Light in a smaller package, ideal for expanding your current Mitel network.

Mitel SX-2000 Light (single node 100-3000 phones) (multi-node unlimited)
The SX-2000 Light is an enterprise PBX telephone system that delivers the most sophisticated voice and computing capabilities, allows for unlimited expansion in either single-site or multi-location networks, is centrally-manageable and positions your business to evolve toward a converged voice and computing infrastructure.  The SX-2000 Light features a revolutionary fiber distributed architecture and supports open industry standards to meet the diverse and growing communications needs of enterprises today and tomorrow.
Some features include:
 - supports QSIG networking, SNMP, and enhanced network call records
 - Improves internal communications by reducing pink slip messaging
 - Integrated Telephone Directory
 - Supports ANI and DNIS Call Identification
 - Supports a growing number of computer telephony applications
 - Allows voice and data to be transmitted over the same service, saving costs
 - Internal SMDR tracking allows for cost control and usage tracking
 - Station location information can be forwarded to Public Safety in emergencies

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