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Lingo (2 and 4 ports) and Lingo XL (4, 6 and 8 ports) are powerful communications tools at an affordable price.  Designed to provide feature-rich voice mail without breaking an organization's communications budget.  A lot of power and sophistication are combined into one small, easy-to-use product.  A 2-port system offers up to 50 mailboxes and a 4-port system can support up to 100 mailboxes, 6-port: 150 mailboxes, 8-port: 200 mailboxes.  Subscribers can personalize their voice mailbox, set up their directory listing, record personal greetings, and set security codes, all through an easy-to-use touchtone telephone conversation.  Subscribers can even specify where their messages will be delivered: home, work extension, pager mobile telephone, etc.

Many other features are included, like:

  • Sophisticated Automated Attendant
  • Subscriber-to-Subscriber Messaging
  • Message Cancellation
  • Message Redirection
  • Customized Groups
  • Day and Time Stamp
  • Message Archiving
  • Message Playback: Pause, Rewind, Fast Forward, Volume Control

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