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 ISDN: Digital - Efficient - Multi-tasking
With ISDN, you will discover computing power and applications that will allow you to bridge distances and utilize technology in ways never before possible without expensive leased lines.

Here are a few benefits of using ISDN with Advanced Digital Services:
 - ISDN's digital technology is much less sensitive to line noise than analog modems
 - Your computer will make connections to the Internet or remote LANs in seconds
 - ISDN permits the use of multiple applications simultaneously
 - Surf the Internet and talk on the phone at the same time
 - Just one phone line can be used for several pieces of equipment
 - Voice conversations over ISDN are crystal clear and are CD quality

 ISDN = 2B + D
Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN, enables a standard phone line to carry three separate digital channels: a 16Kbps "D" (data) Channel and two 64Kbps "B" (bearer) Channels.  The D Channel carries signaling information, and the B Channels carry voice and data.  The two B Channels can be combined to provide transfer speeds of up to 128Kbps.  The B Channels can be configured to carry either voice, data, or both.  An example:  You are on the Internet and you would like to call a particular company to order their product.  While you're still on the Internet picking up the telephone will signal the RTI central office that you wish to place a voice call.  You will then get a dial tone and will then be using one B Channel for the Internet and one for Voice and both are digital quality.  To find out more about ISDN contact us today.  Or, visit our office for a hands on demonstration.


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