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First, you can get the latest version of Internet Explorer (IE) from the Microsoft web site.

Tip #1 - Quickly setting your start page
When you first run IE it will take you to a predetermined web page that you can specify.  The easiest way to do this is click and drag the little icon at the beginning of the Address bar to the graphic of the house as shown in the the screen shot below.

Tip #2 - Ambidextrous surfing
Keeping one hand on the keyboard can speed up your surfing by using simple navigation shortcuts.  Instead of clicking the Back button with your mouse try pressing the backspace key on your keyboard to go to the previous web page.  If your in a text entry field the backspace key won't work but you can press ALT - Left Arrow instead.  ALT-Right Arrow will take you forward.

Tip #3 - Try running your browser in Full Screen Mode
Pressing F11 on your keyboard will put IE into Full Screen mode for maximum viewing area.  Press F11 again to return your browser to normal mode.

Tip #4 - Auto Searching from the Address Bar
It doesn't get any easier.  Just type in a few words in your address bar and hit enter.  Depending on how you have IE set up you can be shown the results of your search or be sent to the most likely site.  Changing your these settings can be done in Tools > Internet Options > Advanced under "Search from the Address Bar".

Tip #5 - Viewing your History
You want to go to a site that you know you've been to before but you can't remember the name?  Pressing CTRL-H will open your History folder which you can browse or even search.  You can specify how many days worth of pages IE will remember in Tools > Internet Options > General under the History section.

TIP #6 - The scroll-wheel mouse (I know this isn't a software tip but it's so useful)
A conveniently located wheel allows you to quickly scroll through web pages and most other applications with ease.  The wheel also acts as a middle mouse button.  Once you've used one you will never go back to a standard mouse.  Price runs from $15 for a generic brand to up to $80 for cordless and optical sensor (no mouse ball) varieties.

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